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I am so excited to share this training with you. The games continue to escalate with more intense situations in and out of the game. It has been three weeks since a last minute game 7 victory for the Heat. This team continues to build and improve. With that said, I wanted to provide you with another training sample with some of the plays we have built, and where we have added in more “HUSTLE” to the movements of the game. The great thing about this game is that it looks and feels like the real game. The Heat, with the help of some film editing, has started some game like situations in some of the drills. These are really tough situations that can occur in a game or training setting. To make this even more challenging, you can actually play these drills at a higher pace. If you don’t have a ball, you can use your hand to fight for the ball and create more movement. Also, be sure to use the video to see how the defenders react to the situation and move. They can react in many ways, so don’t be fooled by their attempt to fake out the way you are moving. Be aware of the moves they use, and use your own! There are several drills in this sample, but you will notice that every drill is broken down by position. This is to make it easy to watch/follow and understand. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we will answer them. We will be adding more drills throughout the year, and will be providing them to you in a similar fashion. It is only a matter of time until they are in the playbook. Be sure to give this a shot and give me your feedback as well. Also, as you watch the drills, and the video, be sure to use the HUSTLE sections to fill in what you may have missed. As always, keep hustlin’! - Coach F Workout Day 1: Dribble, Dribble, Hustle, Hustle, Down! What to Watch: Down is open in the corner for the Whiteside to take the ball to the basket. You must hustle and take a back to the basket dribble, so you must get to the paint as fast as possible. The faster you get to the paint, the more important it is to use the dribble for leverage to get to the rim, and get the defender




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Superhandles Youth Program Download Torrent Download welell

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